Legendário dos Diamantes

Lyric Dressage Lusitano - Legendario 8.j
  • Status: Approved Lusitano Breeding Stallion
  • Color: Black
  • Born: 2014
  • Height: 16.3 h
  • Pedigree: Dante dos Diamantes / Xango do Aretê
  • Studbook: ABPSL & APSL
  • SRG:  7459-MN
  • Level: Medium
  • Location: Templeton Farms, California. 


Lyric Dressage proudly presents: Legendário.

This beautiful black stallion was born in Brazil.  
Legendário is an approved 16.3 hands stallion for the APSL and ABPSL studbooks. He scored an impressive 75 points during his approval, exceeding his father and grandfather.
His sire Dante was successful in the dressage competitions and comes from the well-known all prized Afiançado bloodline. His mother descends from the famous and prized stallion Xango do Aretê. Xango is admired and renowned for his strong conformation, excellent temperament and great beauty. Xango successfully competed through I-1, CDI levels. Xango's mother was 4x Lusitano Exposition Grand Champion. 

His offspring all show great morphology with elegant heads, long legs and inherit his typical friendly nature.  

Legendário is the stallion that has it all: genetics, athleticism, morphology, good looks, rideability and sweet nature.  All within an attractive black velvet jacket.