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Allison Mathy


  • USDF Gold Medalist

  • FEI Grand Prix Dressage rider

  • Owner of APSL stallion Vaquarius

  • Passionate and experienced trainer and instructor

  • Specialization in Baroque Breeds

  • Training and Clinics

  • Coaching

  • Consulting, Advisory

Classical Dressage trainer Allison Mathy owns and operates Lyric Dressage in Rhinebeck, NY. She offers training of horse and rider through Grand Prix. Her program is goal-oriented, with students regularly working toward competitions and achieving their USDF Medals.

In addition to correct training, Allison emphasizes the holistic well being of all horses in her program.  The care and well being of the horse is always a top priority at Lyric Dressage.  Nutrition is of utmost importance and each horse has a diet that is individually tailored for their needs. All horses regularly receive massage, chiropractic and accupuncture care, and correct saddle fit is a must.

Allison enjoys working with all breeds of horses and has extensive experience working with and training the Iberian and Baroque breeds. 

Over the past 15 years she has helped many passionate riders find their dream horse. From foal to experienced Grand Prix horse. From Working Equitation to FEI Dressage. 

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"Nature can exist without Art,
but Art can never exist without Nature."

~ Alois Podhajsky

Lyric Dressage in the Media


September 2018. Cover story in 'RIDING, the California riding magazine'. 

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