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Supporting Lyric Dressage in Excellence

"Like the lines in the mane of a Parthenon horse, round which the arms had wound themselves as if they knew love 
Is the only fortress to trust too."

~ Marianne Moore 

Why become a sponsor?

Keeping our horses happy, healthy and performing their best, requires love, attention and the search for quality products and services.


We build custom sponsorship programs that deliver value and ROI for our partners. 


Bring your ideas, interests and sponsorship goals and we will create a partnership that best showcases your business.


If you sell a quality product or service, contact us for more information on our strategic partnership opportunities.

Lusitano for sale

Our Sponsors

Lyric Dressage is proud to partner with these wonderful companies!

Thanks to their generous sponsorship we are able to provide the highest level of horse care and client service. We hope you will take a moment to visit their sites and discover why we love them so much.


Adeptus Logo.png

Trusted Leader in Insect Control

A family-owned company in operation for 50 years, Pyranha® is a pioneer in insect control, grooming products, and barn and residential misting systems. In 1972, Pyranha founders Carl and Lon Cunningham developed the SprayMaster®, the first barn misting system for insect control. Today, David and Greg Cunningham continue the family tradition providing horse owners and caretakers across the country with the industry’s leading spray system, along with the highest quality insecticide products available to help protect their animals.


Adeptus Logo.png

Animal Nutrition based on Science

Adeptus products are formulated and manufactured using sound science combined with practical knowledge of what your horse, cat or dog really need.

Supplements that carry the Adeptus brand name are effective formulations that have been evaluated for palatability, efficacy, safety, and stability.

Equipe USA

Adeptus Logo.png

Handmade Saddles from Italy

Equipe saddles are designed to suit the many different equestrian disciplines, from show jumping and dressage to eventing and endurance riding. What they have in common is manufacturing precision, which promotes the wellbeing and sense of connection between horse and rider.

Rider comfort with respect for the anatomy of the horse.

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